University Governance

Corporate Governance is a system by which organisations are directed, managed and controlled. It is the process by which the University's objectives are established, achieved and monitored. Corporate Governance is concerned with the relationships and responsibilities between the Board of Governors, the Vice-Chancellor, the Academic Board and relevant stakeholders within a legal and regulatory framework.

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Instrument and Articles of Government

The Instrument of Government determines the size and membership of the Board of Governors, arrangements for appointment to it as well as the name of the institution.

The Articles of Government determine the manner in which the University shall be conducted and the respective functions to be exercised by three elements of the governance structure.

The Articles also regulate the constitution and functions of committees of the Board of Governors and those of the Academic Board and provide for the delegation of powers to such committees, the Chair of Governors and the Vice-Chancellor. They outline procedures for meetings of the Board of Governors and its committees and meetings of the Academic Board. The Articles also define the appointment and functions of the Clerk to the Board of Governors which are independent of the University's Executive.