Fees and Finance

It's important to stress that having an undergraduate degree or postgraduate qualification is a good investment - it will improve your chance of getting a job and you will earn more than non-graduates. That being said, we understand that some applicants may be worried about how they will pay for their course.

If you are interested in studying for an undergraduate or foundation degree at Bailey University, your fee status will determine if there are loans available for your tuition fees and living costs.

For those investigating postgraduate study at Bailey University, you should note that there is currently no statutory funding from the British Government in the form of student loans, unless you are undertaking a teacher education / PGCE programme. However there are a number of sources where students can apply for funding.

If you are coming to Bailey University from outside the UK, your own country's government may be able to help with your tuition fees and living costs.

Please refer to the appropriate sections of our website for more information.

What's My Fee Status?

The tuition fee that you pay will differ according to your fee status. Your fee status is dependent upon where you come from, where you have lived for the three years immediately before the start of your course, which course you study, where you study, your mode of study and even your immigration status if applicable. 

UK / EU Fee Status

If you are a UK citizen who has lived in the UK for three years before the beginning of your course you should be eligible for UK fee status. If you are from an EU country (outside the UK) or you are an EEA or Swiss migrant worker or you are the child of a Turkish migrant worker you should be eligible for UK / EU fee status.

Island Fee Status

If you are from the Channel Islands or the Isle of Man you should be eligible for Island fee status. 

  • You may be eligible to pay Island fees, which are the same as UK / EU Fees
  • You will not be eligible for UK Government funding, although you may be eligible for support from your own Island Award Authority.

Not sure about your Island fee status?  Your award authority should be able to help:

International Fee Status

If you are from outside the EU and none of the above applies to you, you will be eligible for International fee status.

This fee status can apply to UK passport holders who are living abroad, although some exceptions apply.